Welcome to Thomas Cherokee Farm!

    Thomas Cherokee Farm is nestled in a valley in southern Wytheville. With over 100 acres of both woods and wide-open fields, we have miles of trails and plenty of room for training horses. We have several streams on the property, bridges, and logs for training--not to mention TONS of hills for building muscles (on both horses AND riders!).

    We are conviently located just 3 miles from Mt. Rogers Recreational Area: Collins Cove, 2 miles from the Raven's Cliff Rec Area, and about 6 miles away from the New River Trail Head in Ivanhoe, VA.

    The farm is (and will probably ALWAYS be, as most farms are!) a work-in-progress. Currently we have a barn with 4 stalls. Each stall is equipped with two water buckets, as well as corner feed buckets and personal salt and mineral blocks. We hope to be building another barn with 2-3 more stalls in early 2014.

    We here at Thomas Cherokee Farms specialize in Tennessee Walking Horses and Appaloosas. We train good, solid, hardworking horses. Although not all horses are ever suitable for just anyone to ride, we do believe that all horses should be well-mannered, respecting all humans. We do not tolerate horses who rear, strike, or kick.

    We currently have two Tennessee Walking Horse stallions standing at stud here at TCF. For more information on them, please see the Stallions pages!

    In addition to of boarding and training horses at our own place, we also go to people's houses to train their horses. People often don't have the funds to send their horses to a professional trainer. Plus, even if they do send their horses to a trainer, they often don't get a chance to see their horses being worked. This means that they cannot ask questions--let alone learn along with their horse. Kris loves working at people's houses; helping them with their horses--helping them to work more closely with their horses.